Mercury-Free Dentistry- A Necessity

Mercury in dentistry has been there for a very long time. It was used to fill a tooth and even now in some places, it is used as a tooth filling material. Dentists use mercury due to its physical properties. Numerous dental practitioners were stunned and inspired by the metal and its dynamics. But after that researcher found harmful effects of mercury in dentistry, it’s then when mercury-free dentistry were discovered.

About Mercury-

Mercury is a heavy metal and is a poisonous substance that can cause cell degeneration in our body. According to EPA, these cells play a significant role in our body's growth. If the mercury is placed in our mouth, then it enters into other body parts that can also affect organs such as- the kidneys, nerve centers, the liver, and the brain. As the toxin grows, the cells present in these organs degenerate. This process of degeneration completely depends upon an immune system and other factors of an individual.

Many people don't know that the silver filling which dentist used to fill their tooth with, contained a major part of mercury. Mercury is a well-known element of traditional amalgam fillings, consisting of up to 50 percent of the original filing.

Why consider mercury-free dentistry?

Mercury-free dentistry is a dental practice in which the filling material does not contain mercury. It is recommended for people suffering from chronic ailments or diseases. Other filling materials which do not contain mercury are-
  • Porcelain Fillings- Teeth that have large cavities require Porcelain Filling. This type of filling is practically undetectable due to its natural color. It stays for a long period that is why it is used by many dentists.
  • Composite resin fillings- This filling type is a blend of tooth-colored plastic and glass mixture that is used to fill the cavity of the decayed tooth. It is also used for cosmetic treatments that may include- reshaping chapped teeth or changing the color of the teeth.
  • Bonding & contouring- This is mainly done to correct the appearance of the tooth. Bonding is used to reshape the tooth and can fill in chips and gaps between the tooth. Contouring or shaping is also used to shorten the long teeth, alignment of teeth, or to fix the badly shaped teeth.
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